14 de marzo de 2010

"Me, You, Us"

"Remember that I'm in love...
And when I got inspiration, is on your memory
most of the times, i mean
just a few
is when im seeing a tree, the sky, people in the street, a pencil, wathever

But I adore to write 'bout you
about us, that beautiful word... "Us"...

Me, alone, not big deal, what can I say?
You, alone, someone special, unique in the world, awesome, strong, lovely, agressive, gentleman, writer, creator...
Us, together...

Us... just one soul
Us... beautiful feelings, goals, hopes, dreams
Us... the strongest weapon of the universe
Us... a future, our future, the future of our beloved ones too"


Escrito ahora mismo, en menos de tres minutos, no sé.
Me estoy cayendo de sueño xD Voy a tomar una taza de café para seguir trabajando

Hasta otra _3_
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